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Welcome To - Leading suppliers of name tags

You won't lose your shirt with us

Lose nothing but the lost 'n found with permanent iron-on and sew-on name labels.

Solve the mysteries from now on with cotton/polyester name labels that withstand all washing conditions. Increase the chances of having wayward garments returned, and save time and money by not spending them buying replacement clothes. camp sew on label

Just a few of the places where it's necessary to use Name Labels include schools, camps and long-term care facilities. Students easily lose their clothing in school and at camp. But when belongings are properly labeled the chances of having them returned is dramatically increased. Also, many long-term care facilities use commercial laundries to clean resident's garments. For this reason, care facilities require that residents mark their clothing with a permanent label in case of loss.

Easy-To-Apply Name Labels

Printed on with black indelible ink that will not fade, our 2" x 1/2" in size name labels are one type that can be either sew-on or ironed-on. Name Labels has tested these labels in multiple washes and they come out looking the same as the first day it was applied. Attach name labels quickly, easily, and permanently from a sheet of customized name labels, perforated for your convenience. Our labels may be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine or simply apply our labels with a common household iron or a heat seal press.

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How To Use

Use iron-on and sew-on name labels for:

  • Camp clothing
  • School uniforms
  • Travel clothes
  • Uniforms
  • Residents' personal clothing
  • Work wear for Long-term care facilities
  • Clothing identification at Public laundromats

Label Application:

How to apply

fabric name label's iron-on labels must be applied at 360°F with an iron or heat seal press. Use the highest cotton setting (No Steam) and apply to a clean, dry surface. Press down the iron firmly for approximately 10 to 20 seconds to iron on a label. The hotter the iron, the shorter it will take to complete the application. After you've finished ironing on the label, and have allowed the label to cool down to room temperature, check to see that it's securely attached to the garment.

Label Placement

woven name label Our uniquely woven name labels can be applied to any article of clothing and will not fade or diminish over time. Place labels on: Shirts, Blouses and Sweaters, Robes and Nightgowns, Hats, Caps, Bedding and Towels, Ties and Belts, Bras, Halters, Pants and Shorts, Socks, Stockings, Scarves, Handkerchiefs, Underwear, Pantyhose, Bathing Suits, Slips, Skirts & Dresses, and Stuffed animals.

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