How to label clothes
with iron-on labels

Apply full heat to the iron. Place the iron-on label directly on the textile and put the supplied ironing paper or a baking sheet on top. Press evenly with the iron on the whole label for 10-15 seconds. Make sure all corners are properly adhered.

Repeat the process if necessary. When the iron-on label is fully attached, the texture of the garment will be visible through the label, and you will feel no edge between the label and the surface it is attached to.

and use

Iron-on labels are the classic name labels that can be used on everything from jackets to socks. With our print method and specially developed material you get a product that stays put even on elastic garments. The iron-on labels can be applied to all textiles including but not limited to;

– Socks, mittens and hats
– Cotton
– Wool
– Homemade knits

Cleaning and

The iron-on labels are both laundry safe up to 140ºF and dryer safe.

Products meant to dissolve stains, for example Vanish and the like, can in some cases lessen the glue’s adhesive ability. We therefore recommend that you check all clothes to see if the labels are intact if you choose to use stain remover products.