About our stickers

How to label clothes and equipment with stickers

Clothes: Place the sticker on the synthetic washing instructions patch / care label or a patch in an equivalent smooth and silky material. Press firmly and wait 24 hours before washing the garment.

Equipment, tools and shoes: Place the sticker on a clean, dry and even surface, and press firmly. Wait 24 hours before cleaning the item.

and use

Stickers are the preferred name label type among parents of young children and others who wish to label clothes and equipment quickly and easily. With our print method and specially developed material you get a product that adheres very well on most surfaces like:

– The synthetic care label on the inside of garments
– Plastic
– Metal
– Rubber
– Leather
– Glass

Cleaning and

The stickers are both laundry and dishwasher safe up to 140ºF, as well as dryer, microwave and freezer safe.

Products meant to dissolve stains, for example Vanish and the like, can in some cases lessen the glue’s adhesive ability. We therefore recommend that you check all clothes to see if the labels are intact if you choose to use stain remover products.