Name labels from should always be applied by an adult, or with adult supervision. All products from are of non-toxic materials. The labels are not permanent, as they are designed to be removable with intent. The labels may therefore detach from the surface it is placed on if subject to persistent or prolonged abrasion like picking and/or chewing. Use caution when applying labels onto items handled by young children (e.g. teething rings, pacifiers, toys, comfort blankets, etc.) and ensure ongoing supervision of the labels’ adhesion to avoid choking hazard.

Instructions for use - stick-on labels

  • Place the stick-on label on a clean and dry surface. Press the sticker firmly onto the surface. Make sure it doesn’t fold and that all corners are adhered properly.
  • When labeling clothes, the sticker should be placed onto the synthetic washing instructions patch / care label or a patch in an equivalent smooth material, usually found on the inside seam of the garment. This is to make sure the glue does not loosen during washing.
  • If you wish to place name labels directly onto textile, we recommend that you use our iron-on labels.
  • After 24 hours, our stickers are safe for dishwasher, laundry up to 140ºF, dryer, oven, freezer and microwave.
  • The stickers can be used in shoes.

Instructions for use - iron-on labels

  • The iron-on labels are developed to be attached onto garment fibers and adheres very well.
  • Our iron-on labels can be used on several textiles including, but not limited to, cotton, polyester, nylon, leather, spandex, and cotton-polyester-mixes.
  • Our iron-on labels can be used on wool. For coarse knits like wool socks and other homemade knits we recommend that you adhere the iron-on label onto a piece of cloth which you then sow onto the garment. Remember to always check that the clothes withstand the heat from the iron.
  • The iron-on labels are not meant to be placed on the synthetic washing instructions patch or any patches in an equivalent smooth material.
  • Use maximum heat on the iron – do not use the steam function.
  • Place the label on the desired spot. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry and avoid smooth surfaces.
  • Use the ironing paper that follows with the labels, and place this between the label and the iron (you can also use a baking sheet).
  • Press the warm iron onto the label for 10-15 seconds and wiggle the iron a little to make sure all edges and corners adhere properly. Repeat the process if necessary. When the iron-on label is fully attached, the texture of the garment will be visible through the label, and you will feel no edge between the label and the surface it is placed on.
  • After 24 hours the iron-on labels are both laundry safe up to 140ºF and dryer safe.