Privacy Policy

When you provide us with personally identifiable information (“personal information”) through this site, we respect your privacy. Read our privacy policy to learn why we collect this information and how we use it, and how we take your privacy security into account. is owned and run by Inkeria AS, organization number NO819 511 012, Enebakkveien 117, 0680 Oslo, Norway.

1. What is privacy and applied regulations

Personal information is information that can be directly connected to you as an individual, so called personally identifiable information. This can be your name, address, telephone number, IP-addresses and the like. You have the full right to decide over this information.

All processing of personal information, like collection, registration, saving and sharing with third parties, is subject to its own laws, including the Personal Data Act of Norway and the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. Inkeria AS is the party responsible for making sure all processing of personal information is in accordance with the law.

You have the right to complain if you feel that your personal information is not treated according to the law. Your complaint must be directed to the Data Protection legislation where you are located.

2. Personal information

To complete a purchase of products from we need your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This is necessary to ship your order to the correct delivery address, keep you updated on the status of your order and contact you if needed.

By law, we are imposed to keep your order information in conjunction with accounting, fee handling and any warranty and/or return handling. This history is deleted after 10 years. For security measures, we also keep the IP-address used during purchasing.

2.2 Archiving of personal information

By accounting law, we are required to keep transaction data for 5 years. However, to be able to safeguard the rights of the customer in conjunction with guarantee and complaints in conjunction with consumer law, purchasing law and the sales conditions of found in Terms & Conditions, we keep purchasing data for 10 years.

2.3 Securing personal information has well developed routines and measures to make sure any unauthorized individuals do not get access to your personal information, and that any handling of data is being done according to law. Examples of these routines and measures are risk assessments, archiving routines, as well as procedures for handling data and following up requests regarding the customer’s right of access, correction and deletion of information.

3. Payment solutions

All information linked to paying for goods at is being handled by Paypal and Stripe. We have all necessary agreements with Paypal and Stripe regarding how data should be handled. Paypal and Stripe also offer you as a consumer the lawful rights connected to handling your personal information. For safety reasons, we keep informational history containing the IP-address the order is placed from, as well as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small text files downloaded to and saved locally on your unit when you load a website. Cookies are normally used to improve user experience (e.g. remember what you wrote on your name label the last time you visited the site) and remember who you are so that you can stay logged in at the site.

The purpose of cookies is to give the web site basic functionalities like session management, analysis, personalization and marketing.

First party cookies are necessary to keep the web site functioning.

Third party cookies are being used for analysis, marketing and personalization of the site.

Here you find a list of cookies being used on

4.1 How to avoid cookies

If you wish to do so, you can avoid the use of cookies by accessing settings in your browser and choose to not accept cookies. See the help page for the browser in question for how to do this. Please note that if you choose to exclude the use of cookies, several functions of will not be available for you.

4.2 Analysis collects anonymous information about visitors to the site for analysis purposes.

Anonymous information is information that cannot be traced back to an individual user or person. The purpose of this is to gather statistics that can be used to develop and improve the site. Examples of this kind of data are number of visitors on the site, how the site is being used, how long a visit to the site lasts, where the users are from and what browsers are being used.

We also collect search words used via the search engines on the site. The sole purpose of this is to improve search results and customer experience, and no individual or personally traceable information is being collected.

4.3 Personalization

To be able to give you a relevant and good experience visiting and using our site, we use functions and systems to personalize the content customized for you and your interests.

4.4 Marketing

The foundation for marketing via e-mail and text message is your explicit consent.

Our wish is that marketing from shall be experienced as relevant and valuable for you at any and all times. The content will therefore usually be customized for you. We cooperate with chosen partners to safeguard a satisfying solution regarding text message and e-mail marketing.

We and our partners are tracking ads to know what ads you have seen online and what products you have looked at on the site. Doing this, we are able to adjust the site to your interests and on the next occasion show you relevant ads.

4.5 Personal information for third parties will never share, sell, transfer or in any other way extradite your personal information in any other way than described in this Privacy Policy. Your data will only be shared if we by law are committed to do this or if we have your explicit consent. Partners will only have access to your information if this is necessary to deliver services for In these cases, data processing agreements come into action to safeguard your information and data safety. You can read more information on third parties by following the link in point 6.0.

5. Especially about marketing via e-mail and text message

By signing up to our newsletter we can use your e-mail address to send newsletters to you. This can also be used by on Facebook, Google and other platforms to show you customized digital ads. Your e-mail address will never be given out or used for any other purpose than the ones listed above.

If you choose to opt out from our newsletter, your e-mail address and other associated information is deleted.

6. Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. If any bigger changes are being made, we will notify you about this.

7. Contact information

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our data protection officer via our customer service at [email protected]

If you wish to have access to your personal information with us, change your information, or wish for all of your data being deleted, please contact us at: [email protected]