Stick-On Name Labels for clothes and equipment – 120 labels – from 19.95 $

Self-adhering labels for clothes and equipment.
120 labels – from 19.95 $
Choose between self-adhering and iron-on labels, or maybe both?
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Stick-On Labels:

Our stickers are used for labeling clothes and equipment like lunch boxes, water bottles, clothes, shoes, and other belongings which are in daily and extensive use. When labeling clothes, place the sticker on the synthetic washing instructions patch or a label of an equivalent smooth material. The stickers shall not be placed directly on textile.

Our stickers are laundry and dishwasher safe up to 60ºcelcius (140ºFahrenheit), and also dryer and microwave safe.

Iron-on labels:

Our iron-on labels are used for labeling clothes and other garments where our stickers do not adhere. The iron-on labels adhere well to several types of textile, including but not limited to, wool, homemade knits, cotton, and polyester.

Our iron-on labels are laundry safe up to 60ºcelcius (140ºFahrenheit), and also dryer safe.