Iron-On Name Labels

Iron-On Name Labels

Use our classic Iron-On Labels to directly adhere to a variety of fabric, including: cotton, wool and knits.

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The most versatile and classic label, our Iron-On’s can be used on just about any textile you have in your closet. Don’t have a clothing tag? Our Iron-On Label is the way to go. Using a high-strength heat activated glue specifically designed to adhere to textile fibers, our Iron-On Labels are as durable as they come.

Our Iron-On Label How To’s:
- Attach your label directly onto clothes or any other textile by using your iron on the highest temperature setting without steam
- We supply you with an ironing sheet for safety, make sure to slip this in between the NameLabel and your iron when applying!
- Press your heated iron on the ironing sheet over your NameLabel for 10-15 seconds, repeat as needed. Your NameLabels should “become one” with the garment!
- Iron-On Labels are safe for laundry up to 140ºF

Our easy-to-use and hassle free Stick-On Labels are a favorite amongst parents! The perfect way to organize your kids’ clothing without the need to sew on or get the iron out. Our super stick technology ensures you won’t ever need to relabel that shirt again even after it visits the wash once or twice or..a hundred times! These labels will last as long as you want to keep whatever you stick them to, they’re that strong.

Our Stick-On labels withstand laundry up to 140ºF and are ideal for adhering to clothing tags, plastic, metal, rubber or glass. And, shoe mix-up no more! You can attach a Stick-On Label to the soles of your kids’ shoes to ensure they always make it back into the right closet.

A few friendly reminders:
- Includes 120 labels
- Stickers should not be used to label directly onto textile. For this, we recommend our Iron-On Labels!
- Stick-On labels are washer, dryer, microwave and freezer safe
- Remember to wait 24 hours before washing your newly labeled items
- Products/detergents meant to remove stains may also lessen the stickiness of your label. We recommend that you check all stickers are properly intact before using stain removers!

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers:
What is the delivery time?
Standard free shipping – no tracking: 7-20 days, depending on where you live. Express shipping (US only) – with tracking: 1-3 business days. Please note that the recipient will be responsible for payment of any applicable duties or taxes for orders delivered to any country.
What is the price?
One set of name labels (120 stick-on labels or 120 iron-on labels): 24.95 USD. Value package of 120 stick-on labels and 120 iron-on labels: 49.95 USD. Mini labels (150 small stickers): 19.95 USD. Large labels (33 stickers in different sizes): 24.95 USD. Please note that recipients outside the US will be responsible for payment of any applicable duties or taxes.
How do I pay?
Choose between direct payment by credit card or PayPal.
What size are the labels?
Stick-on labels and iron-on labels come in size 1.18” x 0.5”. Mini labels come in size 0.6”x0.26”. Large labels come in seven different sizes and shapes.
How do I use stick-on labels?
Our stick-on labels can be used on most smooth surfaces, including but not limited to plastic, rubber, metal and glass. When labeling clothes, place the sticker onto the smooth, synthetic washing instructions tag. Our stickers can be used in shoes. Laundry safe up to 140ºF as well as dryer, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. See full instructions for use HERE.
How do I use iron-on labels?
Iron-on labels are attached directly onto textile by using an iron. Laundry safe up to 140ºF and also dryer safe. See full instructions for use HERE.